Webinar: Digitalisierung in der Steine- und Erdenindustrie

- 15. Juni 2023, Donnerstag, 15:00 CET


Industrial Remote Service Platform Powered by Augmented Reality

Provide your onsite workforce instant access to a remote expert to collaborate, get help and training.

Annotate with Augmented Reality

Point, draw, and annotate with shapes, signs, arrows and text on onsite technician’s live or still view.

Collaborate Easily on Files

Share screen and collaborate on 3D models, pdf manuals, diagrams, captured images etc with your team in real-time.

Record and Export Session

Record and archive your sessions with all chat, shared documents and user activity logs to use for reporting, training and resolving conflicts.

Calculate and See Your Potential Savings from Using VSight

VSight solutions help industrial organizations not only to work smarter but also bring huge cost, time and carbon emission savings. Use our calculator to get an estimated figure for your company.

Compatible with all Devices and Browsers

VSight Platform is a web based application that you can use on all browsers with all computers and mobile devices. Also, native apps are available for smart glasses, smartphones and tablets.


Video & Audio Call

See what frontline workers see through mobile devices and smart glasses and share onsite live experiences with HD quality video and audio calls.


Collaboration with Augmented Reality

Draw, annotate and collaborate with 3D models on live view in real-time with augmented reality. Make notes on documents and images to assist and guide easily.


Live Pointer

Point and annotate in real-time on video streaming and highlight specific areas with shapes and objects.


Remote Camera Control

Control camera to zoom in or use flash remotely to ensure safety for onsite technicians. Take ultra-HD quality snapshots of the field view and annotate them.

QR Code Scanning

Adaptive Video Quality

Continue working without any interruption while the resolution and video streaming quality are set automatically depending on network quality.

Capture Data

Audio-only Mode

Continue your collaboration with audio-only mode at insufficient internet speeds on the field.


Multi-Language Support

Experts and frontline workers can communicate in their own language in chat while collaborating with instant-translation supporting 60+ languages. The platform user interface supports 12 languages.


Flexible Connection Methods

Offer flexible connection with virtual rooms, meetings, calls, field ID-code and guest invitations via email, WhatsApp or SMS.


Multi-User Call

Up to 12 users can participate in one session. With the training room mode, more than 100 participants can attend a session.



Seamlessly integrate VSight solutions to your business operations processes like Azure Active Directory, SSO, CRM and ERP integrations.



Record and archive your sessions with all chat, shared documents and user activity logs to use for reporting, training and resolving conflicts.



Provide service and support across your teams, customers and partners with your own branding.


Secure Communication


All communication is end-to-end encrypted and secure even with public internet connection.

2FA for VSight Admin Panel

2FA for
VSight Admin Panel

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to enhance log-in security across your team, customers and partners.

Peer-to-Peer Connection


Build peer-to-peer (P2P) communication for reduced latency, better quality connection and increased security.

“VSight Remote has created new ways for our business to improve productivity, enhance quality and create a safer work environment.”

Ekrem Özcan

General Manager, OTAM

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