Provide the best industrial AR solutions that reflect your brand

Whether you’re looking for a way to improve efficiency in your manufacturing process or want to create an immersive customer experience, our AR solutions can help. We offer the top-notch industrial AR solutions that can reflect your brand and allow you to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Why White Labelling?

Differentiate from Your Competitors

We make our app look like it’s yours. Have your own apps with your logo, your colours and your unique online domain on all platforms. Offer services and solutions to your clients, partners and organisation with the leading platform in the industry with your branding to stand out in the competition.

Save Time and Money

Whitelabel is the fastest, easiest and the most convenient way to have your own reliable Remote Assistance and Workflow platform. Save time and money that can be invested in what matters most for your core business.

Expand Product Offering

Add new products and solutions to your lineup much quicker at a lower cost and accelerate your business growth by tapping into new markets and serving your existing customer base better.

Security and Support

Get the benefit of our team of experts constantly keeping the platform up-and-running, making sure the platform is equipped with the latest technologies and security standarts.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Go beyond and above your client’s expectations by offering instant support and solutions that guarantee an outstanding experience. Offering convenience and quality will eventually increase your customers’ loyalty to your brand.

Reflect Your Brand on All Platforms

What Can Be Customized?

Company logo and amblem

Website domain and web app colors

Mobile app colors

Mobile app name and description

Terms and conditions

How Does It Work?



An initial consultation with our team is the first stage in creating white-label solutions that meet your business needs. During this process, our team offers you the best solutions for your requirements. The consultation phase helps you to generate a better idea of what your finished platform will look like.



Our team ensures to develop the most optimized whitelabel solutions for your business. VSight platform will be rebranded and it will completely look like your platform with your corporate identity elements such as your logo, colors, icons and other design elements on web app, admin app and mobile apps.



Your fully rebranded and customized platform will be launched on the web, Play Store and App Store under your company and domain name. Your users will benefit from all of the future updates and new features published on VSight platform. Our technical and customer success teams will provide support to ensure that your requests are met and issues are resolved asap.In other words, we run the platform completely separately – just for you!

The training of field technicians is a very important factor for our progress and the improvement of work accuracy and after-sales quality. VSight Remote enables us with the ability to share knowledge across borders.

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