Case Studies

Learn how our customers across various industries are using VSight to increase their operational efficiency.


Transforming Operations and Customer Experience

In this customer success video, Ademilson Dos Santos, Service Product Manager at Agramkow, sheds light on the limitations of their previous methods, such as WhatsApp and Teams, and illustrates the various ways in which VSight empowers Agramkow like enabling efficient remote commissioning and training, leading to significant cost savings for customers.


Automotive Repair & Maintenance in MAN with VSight

By using VSight Remote, MAN workers can solve technical issues remotely by connecting to experts in real-time using mobile devices and smart glasses. This technology provides workers with real-time guidance, annotations, and 3D models that are overlaid in their field-of-view, making it easy for them to understand and solve the problem at hand, in their exact location.


Solving Complex Mechanical Problems in ISUZU with VSight

VSight case study done with ISUZU shows how effective AR tools, streaming live videos, and audios are for linking the contact center to the field where the work is being performed. This enables ISUZU workers to remotely solve technical issues and connect the physical and virtual worlds.


Monitoring of Assembly Lines for AKYAPAK

VSight Remote with its presented AR tools helps the technicians of AKYAPAK to get all process-relevant information directly on-site. Thus the interruption of different processes can be kept as short as possible.


VSight Remote Improves Mining Productivity

Mining companies worldwide are always striving to increase bottom line profits by reducing operational and capital costs. VSight Remote helps with process optimization in the mining industry that relies on heavy and expensive types of equipment.