Simplify Operational Processes with Digital Workflows

Transform your paper-based process into digital to offer step-by-step interactive self-guidance for your field workers to increase accuracy, efficiency and safety.

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Enable technicians effortlessly follow the guide easily and complete tasks with precision by providing clear, step-by-step visual and written instructions integrated into their field of vision.

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Streamline onboarding and training processes by converting existing procedures, checklists, and maintenance routines into comprehensive, user-friendly digital training materials.

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Enhance customer support and reduce incoming service requests by empowering your customers to handle routine service and troubleshooting operations through self-guided digital workflows.

How VSight Workflow Works

Quickly Start with QR Code

By scanning the QR code, you can quickly initiate the relevant workflow.

Complete Tasks Easily

With precise step-by-step instructions tailored to your responses, you can effortlessly accomplish tasks with accuracy.

Send Report for Approval

Once you have finished the tasks, you can submit them for approval and obtain a digital signature.

Why VSight?

Guidance at Every Step

We guide you every step of the way – from project kick-off to scoping and beyond. We assess your use cases together and discover the best ways to support you.

Custom Solutions, Personalized Service

We provide tailor-made solutions with a personal touch. While our tools are self-service oriented, we’re here to assist with customization and configuration when you need it.

We Set You Up for Success

We provide support for the technical implementation tailored to your needs. Our technical team ensures a smooth and seamless roll-out, offering the necessary assistance to make it a successful launch.

Highly Flexible and Configurable Platform to Meet Your Requirements

User Friendly



Use Cases






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Key Features

Easy to Use Editor

Craft workflows effortlessly using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and get a sneak peek with the preview feature before hitting publish.

Easy to use editor

Multi-Language Translation Support

Expand your reach with multi-language translation support, for seamless workflows across different regions.

Works in Offline Mode

Work through your workflow steps even without internet access, and effortlessly submit them when you’re back online.

Key Features

Easy to use editor

Digitise Paper Instructions

Create and deploy step-by-step digital guidance with text, image, voice, video, checklist etc on drag and drop editor.

Adaptive Workflows

Create conditional workflows with if-then branches.

Visual AI Detection

Ensure safety with turning on visual AI detection for automatically detecting personal protective equipment on persons like hard hats, helmets, gloves.

QR Code Scanning

Easily access instructions for a specific device by scanning the QR code, or capture information encoded in QR codes.

Capture Data

Record performance on the steps with photos or videos and re-use for training purposes, inspections and quality control.

Quick Access to a Remote Expert

If needed, a live connection to a remote expert can be established at any time.


View summary reports to see what field workers have accomplished.

Multi-Language Workflow

Provide your users with a range of language options, either by using auto-translate or by manually editing the content.

Offline Mode

Complete workflows even without internet connection.

Digital Signature

Streamline report approval processes with digital signatures.

Capture Heat Signature

Detect temperature anomalies by capturing heat signature with thermal camera on workflows.


Provide service and support across your teams, customers and partners with your own branding.

Compatible with all Devices and Browsers

VSight Platform is a web based application that you can use on all browsers with all computers and mobile devices. Also, native apps are available for smart glasses, smartphones and tablets.


Secure Communication

All communication is end-to-end encrypted and secure even with public internet connection.

2FA for VSight Admin Panel

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to enhance log-in security across your team, customers and partners.

Learn More About How Other Industries Use VSight

Discover the various ways different industries leverage VSight to their advantage. By optimizing a wide array of operations and processes, VSight transforms the way industries operate. Uncover the potential for empowering your own business with valuable insights.

With remote collaboration capabilities, we improved field productivity and customer satisfaction. The result is there from day one.

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