Interactive Digital
Instructions, Workflows
& Check-Lists

Enable self-guided assistance for your frontline workers to streamline your operations with higher work accuracy and safety.

Interactive guidance

Step-by-step multimedia instructions such as text, image, video, or voice.

Easy to use editor

Create workflows easily with drag and drop and preview before you publish.

Visual AI detection

Ensure safety by automatically detecting personal protective equipment on technicians, like hard hats, helmets, gloves.

Compatible with all Devices and Browsers

VSight Platform is a web based application that you can use on all browsers with all computers and mobile devices. Also, native apps are available for smart glasses, smartphones and tablets.


Digitise Paper Instructions

Create and deploy step-by-step digital guidance with text, image, voice, video, checklist etc on drag and drop editor.

Adaptive Workflows

Create conditional workflows with if-then branches.

Preview Steps

In the editor, preview steps and make necessary changes easily.

Visual AI Detection

Ensure safety with turning on visual AI detection for automatically detecting personal protective equipment on persons like hard hats, helmets, gloves.

QR Code Scanning

Easily access instructions for a specific device by scanning the QR code, or capture information encoded in QR codes.

Capture Data

Record performance on the steps with photos or videos and re-use for training purposes, inspections and quality control.

Quick Access to a
Remote Expert

If needed, a live connection to a remote expert can be established at any time.

Deploy on
all Connected Devices

Execute instructions on mobile devices and smart glasses even offline.


View summary reports to see what field workers have accomplished.



All communication is end-to-end encrypted and secure even with public internet connection.

2FA for
VSight Admin Panel

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to enhance log-in security across your team, customers and partners.


Build peer-to-peer (P2P) communication for reduced latency, better quality connection and increased security.

With remote collaboration capabilities, we improved field productivity and customer satisfaction. The result is there from day one.

Ümit Karabudak

General Manager, Karabudak Machinery

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