Easy Expertise Capture and Sharing: From Video to Guide in Minutes

VideoFlow empowers industrial teams to revolutionize training, onboarding, and operational guidance. Our AI-driven platform converts on-the-job videos into precise, step-by-step instructional guides, bridging the gap between expert knowledge and team performance.


Accelerate Onboarding

Streamline employee training and skill development.

Close the Knowledge Gap

Equip your workforce with targeted, effective instruction.

Build Institutional Expertise

Preserve and disseminate critical know-how across your organization.

Why VideoFlow?

Efficiency Redefined

Generate impactful training materials in minutes, not hours.

Precise Execution at Scale

Deliver standardized, high-quality instruction across your enterprise.

Global Reach

Deploy training initiatives worldwide with a single click.

Core Capabilities

Agile Video Recording

Capture expertise on the go on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent Content Processing

Our AI engine automatically segments videos into clear, actionable steps.

Seamless Guide Creation

Effortlessly transform recordings into comprehensive digital training assets.

Enterprise-Wide Distribution

Disseminate instructional content securely throughout your organization.

Tailored for Industrial Excellence

VideoFlow is engineered to address the unique challenges of industrial environments. From new hire orientation to complex operational procedures, our platform streamlines knowledge capture and dissemination.

How VSight VideoFlow Works


Document processes with quick video recordings.


Let our AI technology distill content into structured, step-by-step guides.


Deploy training materials across your organization with ease.

Compatible with all Devices and Browsers

VSight Platform is a web based application that you can use on all browsers with all computers and mobile devices. Also, native apps are available for smart glasses, smartphones and tablets.


Secure Communication

All communication is end-to-end encrypted and secure even with public internet connection.

2FA for VSight Admin Panel

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to enhance log-in security across your team, customers and partners.

Pioneer the Future of Industrial Learning

Harness the power of VideoFlow to transform your approach to knowledge management and training. Elevate efficiency, consistency, and productivity across your entire operation.

Ready to Elevate Your Training Strategy?

Discover how VideoFlow can redefine your approach to knowledge transfer and operational excellence. Schedule a demonstration or contact our team for a personalized consultation.

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