Allow Working Hands Free with Smart Glasses

Working with smart glasses is more convenient for the frontline workforce as they can complete jobs using their both hands while they collaborate with VSight.

We Support Best-in-Class Smart Glasses

Enhance Workforce Collaboration

Keep technicians’ attention on the task in front of them while seamlessly following digital instructions in their sight view on display screen.

Secure & Hands Free Working

Allow to continue to work on tasks safely and efficiently with both hands without the need to hold mobile devices during remote collaboration.

Designed for Rugged Environments

Enable to navigate easily and safely with durable and PPE compatible smart glasses while performing tasks in loud, hazardous and harsh environmental conditions.

Recommended Devices


Navigator® Z1

Designed for professionals in the oil and gas industry working in production settings, Navigator® Z1 is crafted to address operational inefficiencies leveraging AI. Its primary functions include mitigating safety risks and bridging the growing knowledge gap resulting from the retirement of experienced experts.


Navigator® 520

The RealWear Navigator® 520 is the newest addition to the RealWear Navigator series. With a 20% larger screen, 2x the resolution with HD display, and vibrant colors, the HyperDisplay offers a more detailed and sharper viewing experience. Its flexibility, compatibility with PPE, modular camera options, rugged build, long-lasting battery, and exceptional voice performance make it a good option for challenging work environments, even in noisy settings.


Navigator® 500

As a fully rugged head-mounted device, RealWear Navigator® 500 is designed for wet, dusty, hot, dangerous and loud industrial environments. You can optionally snap into safety helmets or attach to bump caps and use them with safety glasses or corrective eyewear. 



For ATEX Zone 1, wet, dusty, hot and dangerous environments, RealWear HMT-1Z1 is CSA C1/D1 certified, fully rugged, head-mounted, and safe.



Moziware’s cımō is the world’s first pocket-sized wearable computer. It has a compact, lightweight design. With its tough, easy-to-clean, dust, and water-resistant design, cımō is a strong option. It offers connectivity to enterprise systems, over 200 Android apps, and third-party IoT devices and wearables. Security is paramount with fingerprint recognition technology for user authentication.



Vuzix M400 comes with increased processing power; a design for harsh environments where safety and durability are needed most; an OLED panel and improved scanning and telepresence capabilities.



Vuzix M4000 is the First Enterprise-Focused Smart Glasses Using Vuzix Waveguide. It offers a completely non-occluded see-through heads-up display; with increased RAM and storage. The design has been ruggedized and waterproofed for wide-ranging applications.


Blade Upgraded

Merging digital instructions onto real-world tasks with see-through Waveguide optics, Vuzix Blade Upgraded removes distractions, vision occlusion and thereby reducing error rates. It facilitates remote support applications with its AV communications capabilities and enables safe remote operations while maintaining focus on your work.


Glass 2

Rokid Glass 2 designed and engineered specifically for multi-use scenarios in industries like manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. It comes with a better see-through display and improved contrast ratio, longer battery life, 100% hands-free voice control interface. Glass 2 can be easily folded and carried in the office or out in the field. While its light and ergonomic design offers maximum comfort, its performance allows powerful remote assistance.



X-Craft is an ATEX Zone 1 certified explosion-proof AR headband and is specifically designed for applications such as operations, inspections, facility maintenance, remote collaboration and training in complex and high-risk environments such as oil & gas, electric power, aviation and construction. It is compatible with safety helmets and hard hats and is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.


Moverio BT-45CS

The Moverio BT-45CS integrates a Moverio headset and an intuitive intelligent controller for ease of use on the job. Epson’s new-generation AR smart glasses feature Si-OLED technology, a proprietary optical engine, and a binocular see-through Full HD display with a 34° field-of-view. Designed for durability, the BT-45CS offers high shock and dust resistance, and its adjustable, padded headband and helmet mounting options ensure a comfortable fit in diverse work environments.

Can’t decide which smart glasses work best for you?

Consult us to learn more about the smart glasses options and identify the most suitable device that meets your needs.

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