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VSight Remote


VSight enables manufacturing companies to collaborate with remote stakeholders on common projects without the need for onsite travel. With VSight, manufacturing companies can remotely set up machines without the need for onsite presence or project postponements. The platform offers features such as annotation functionality, augmented reality, sharing documents and 3D models, which facilitate knowledge transfer and guiding with instructions. This allows companies to efficiently set up machines, troubleshoot issues, and monitor progress, all without the need for physical presence, making remote collaboration a reality for manufacturing companies around the world.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the traditional way of working, highlighting the importance of remote collaboration tools. Even in locations like China where travel restrictions were stringent, VSight’s versatility and compatibility proved to be a crucial asset for the manufacturing companies, allowing them to continue their operations smoothly despite the travel restrictions posed by the pandemic. The ability to work remotely with VSight not only saved time and resources but also empowered the manufacturing companies to adapt and thrive in the face of changing circumstances, showcasing the value of remote collaboration in modern manufacturing operations.

VSight Workflow


Manufacturing companies with multiple global locations often have standard check-up procedures in their plants, which are currently documented using MS-Excel. The advantages of using Excel for these check-up procedures include flexibility in how the document is filled, the ability to continue later (e.g. next day) due to the long duration of the check-up, documented reporting, signing of documents in the end, and archiving.

By digitizing paper-based checklists, streamline the entire process, from data entry to capturing real-time data, resulting in a more efficient decision-making process. Equipping your auditing staff with Android tablets and utilizing VSight Workflow can help you digitize these processes seamlessly. The customized import functionality of VSight Workflow eliminates the need for significant effort in migrating the checklists into the system.


The offline mode of the tablets enables workers to download the required checklists before walking the plant, even in areas with no internet connection.

The large list of checkpoints is efficiently subdivided into useful chapters using the sections within the VSight Workflow platform, providing workers with a clear structure without losing the overall overview. The “continue-later” function is utilized by the company, as audits may take several days to complete and the order of steps may not always follow the planned sequence. Additionally, the content page at the beginning of the workflow allows workers to jump directly to individual steps as needed while navigating the plant, providing further flexibility and convenience in the auditing process.


Once the auditing staff completes their checklists, they have the option to review all their entries before finalizing the report. After submission, decision makers can digitally sign the report at the bottom to document the check-up procedure. All reports are securely stored on the customers’ own servers, thanks to seamless API integration with their storage system. This ensures data privacy and compliance with the company’s storage policies.

Automotive Repair & Maintenance in MAN with VSight

By using VSight Remote, MAN workers can solve technical issues remotely by connecting to experts in real-time using mobile devices and smart glasses. This technology provides workers with real-time guidance, annotations, and 3D models that are overlaid in their field-of-view, making it easy for them to understand and solve the problem at hand, in their exact location.

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