Webinar: Digitalisierung in der Steine- und Erdenindustrie

- 15. Juni 2023, Donnerstag, 15:00 CET



ar manufacturing workflow

AR for Manufacturing Workflow During Pandemic

Since March 2020, a lot has changed in our lives and the global business. While all manufacturers had their fair share of obstacles with the supply chain management, some experienced a sharp...
ar remote assistance

AR Remote Assistance Software for Your Technicians

During these days, along with the pandemic crisis that has gripped the world, the challenges that every business is facing have increased.
workforce training with augmented reality

Enhancing Workforce Training with Augmented Reality

Nowadays, with the revolution that is happening in the industries of different types, there is also the need for new training programs that can equip the workforce to work in the new environment.
skill gap ar remote assistance

Bridging the Skills Gap with AR Remote Assistance

The skills gap is one of the major issues that many field service companies are facing nowadays. The skill gap in field service is defined as a lack of fundamental knowledge of employees and has huge importance for work efficiency and operational processes.
augmented reality field service

How Augmented Reality Helps Field Service Business?

Augmented Reality is rapidly growing and being implemented in different field service businesses. Augmented Reality implementation and its benefits in field service processes can be seen by considering the maintenance of machines.