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AR Remote Assistance Software for Your Technicians

AR Remote Assistance Software for Your Technicians

Posted byLinda Malecaj
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During these days, along with the pandemic crisis, the challenges that every business is facing have increased. What businesses need to do is provide uninterrupted and uninfluenced service by the pandemic. But how can this be possible? Many businesses are already realizing the benefits that remote assistance offers to field workers. Moreover, they are adopting it as a tool that provides fast and efficient solutions. Businesses operating in various fields of industries aim to facilitate operating processes. Additionally, given the protection of field workers, but also to provide high-quality services to customers in real-time. All these have influenced adoption of innovative technologies such as AR Remote Assistance by different businesses.

AR Remote Assistance is a powerful collaborative remote solution that combines live video streaming with Augmented Reality technology.

This Remote Assistance makes it possible that the AR-based annotations overlap in a live video stream. In addition, allows remote experts to guide the field operators in the most effective way to resolve issues. Remote Assistance is part of many industrial processes. Among other things allows us to evaluate, diagnose, and repair various machines through a remote connection.

Especially during the pandemic that restricts the free movement of people we need distance collaboration to resolve issues. Field workers often face problems that they can not solve. This comes due to a lack of knowledge or proper training. So, we need here an immediate connection with a specialized expert. For this reason, Remote Assistance offers a collaboration that puts experts and field workers at the same desk. Also, leads to the immediate resolution of issues that can sometimes have fatal consequences for the business.

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The collaboration quality that this technology provides between all the actors greatly influences the time and money spent.

Not all experts must always be present at the site, and when something must be clarified, it takes time to get all the blueprints and models ready and consult all the parties involved. What makes AR Remote Assistance special is that through wearable devices, including smart glasses, a field worker receives proper instructions from the expert and performs his tasks hands-free step by step without having to be distracted. All this makes it possible to protect employees’ health, especially during this pandemic, but also helps to save time and money for transport and increase employees’ productivity.

Now day by day the challenges increase and businesses are trying to find the right companies that provide remote assistance services. Every business should be careful when taking the decision in adopting the most appropriate remote assistance which offers more efficient ways of providing technical information rather than traditional documentation. VSight Remote assistance is a powerful collaborative solution for remote guidance, which combines live video streaming with Augmented Reality technology. VSight has already provided remote assistance solutions to a number of industrial companies around the globe. It is now quite clear how VSight Remote makes providing support easier and faster. Its implementation of it for businesses has shown an increase in working time, optimization of operations, and less travel time for specialized experts who come to the aid of field workers.

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