Webinar: Digitalisierung in der Steine- und Erdenindustrie

- 15. Juni 2023, Donnerstag, 15:00 CET

Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses

smart glasses for field service

Smart Glasses and VSight Remote for Field Service

Nowadays leading companies in different fields have identified favorable use cases of wearable technology in their business. VSight Remote integrated with devices such as smart glasses is making a big impact in...
Smart Glasses Blog

How to Choose the Right Smart Glasses for Your Business

In recent years technological developments have had an extraordinary breakthrough by changing the way we interact with these new trends, as well as the way we operate in our tasks both in...
smart glasses for maintenance and inspection

Smart Glasses for Maintenance and Inspection Purposes

Smart Glasses are the most innovative form of wearable technologies that have been in our lives for several years. These wearable glasses have integrated software that supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS and they almost have all the features of a smartphone since they have a screen to display information.
ar smart glasses 2022

AR Smart Glasses Guaranteeing Business Success in 2022

Nowadays Augmented Reality (AR) devices, such as smart glasses, are substantially influencing our daily lives in many aspects.
ar smart glasses

AR Smart Glasses for Driving Business Innovation

In recent years, numerous technological developments have revolutionized the way many businesses operate. Now a new technology called Augmented Reality (AR) is showing promising potential for facilitating many operating processes for businesses in various fields.
ar remote assistance on smart glasses

AR Remote Assistance with Smart Glasses

VSight Remote is helping enterprises to digitally transform the way of working operation systems by enabling instant access to expertise in real-time across the world.