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Smart Glasses and VSight Remote for Field Service

Smart Glasses and VSight Remote for Field Service

Posted byLinda Malecaj
smart glasses for field service

Nowadays leading companies in different fields have identified favorable use cases of wearable technology in their business. VSight Remote integrated with devices such as smart glasses is making a big impact in the service enterprise market. VSight Remote used on smart glasses is having a lot of application cases for field service.

Also, recent examples come from the automotive industry. More precisely from one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and transport solution providers, MAN Truck & Bus. As one of the leaders in the automotive industry, MAN Truck& Bus is a driver of human progress. Additionally, this reflects today while embracing new technologies such as augmented reality, considering the numerous benefits it has to offer. A lot of complex issues that MAN field technicians are dealing with require fast solutions. VSight Remote in conjunction with smart glasses helps technicians to work completely hands-free. Moreover, allows experts to see exactly what they need to, do in order to fix the issue. This becomes possible without forcing the technician to move into potentially unsafe positions.

VSight Remote via the smart glasses has the potential to provide better assistance to field technicians and increase productivity. Using VSight Remote on smart glasses provides field technicians with the ability to remotely solve technical issues. This is possible by connecting the physical and virtual worlds. Real-time work instructions, annotations, 3D objects display in the field-of-view of the field technicians, overlaid on their exact location.

smart glasses for field service

Here’s it’s a general look at how the integration of VSight Remote with smart glasses work:

Through smart glasses, field workers stuck in an issue without a solution, are able to use VSight Remote support. So, stream live videos and audios link the contact center expert to the field where the work is in process. VSight Remote solution enables field workers to use their smart glasses to transmit images or videos of their dashboards. Also, to contact center experts, allowing the fastest possible remote diagnosis.

As we mentioned above, using VSight Remote with smart glasses offers numerous solutions. Businesses could potentially save millions of dollars by minimizing errors, improving product quality, and increasing field workers’ efficiency. In fact, VSight customers report an average efficiency improvement of 34 percent. Field workers no longer have to stop what they are doing. Also, they don’t spend time checking manuals or consulting an expert. Today smart glasses replace smartphones or tablets. Additionally, allow field workers to use their hands to solve problems and accomplish tasks faster for great job fulfillment.

In today’s world, field service is embracing AR and wearable devices as a need for field workers to receive information and instructions on critical situations. Additionally, field technicians wearing smart glasses, equipped with AR software like VSight Remote, can instantly access information from experts to perform their work.

Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits that our customers are having from this dual combination:

1.Ability to perceive easily production data.

Smart glasses provide to field technicians real-time information crucial to production processes.

2.Real-time field service issue diagnosis and solutions.

When an unexpected issue occurs, field workers can connect and collaborate with experts anytime, all around the world, and work on the same issue for a faster and more effective solution.

3.Visual inspection, that delivers high accuracy and traceability for field service.

Experts can archive all the repair processes during a remote session that field technicians have followed step by step through their smart glasses.

4.Knowledge share through VSight for field service.

Repairing and maintenance processes captured by smart glasses and archived by VSight Remote might be used for less-experienced workforce training at a future time.

5.Workforce safety through smart glasses on VSight Remote.

Field technicians can use smart glasses to work hands-free without the need to move into potentially unsafe positions.

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