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AR Remote Assistance with Smart Glasses

AR Remote Assistance with Smart Glasses

Posted byLinda Malecaj
ar remote assistance on smart glasses

VSight Remote is helping enterprises to digitally transform the way of working operation systems by enabling instant access to expertise in real-time across the world.

Nowadays smart devices usage is transforming the working culture in different industries and one of them is smart glasses. VSight Remote provides AR remote assistance integrated with smart glasses. This is one of the many helpful tools for businesses that have chosen to implement AR technology on operating systems.

VSight Remote and its AR-based tools have shifted remote collaboration to a new level. Especially in maintenance and repair tasks that require hands-free performance. This collaboration allows field service technicians and contact center experts by using VSight Remote. Using VSight Remote together with smart glasses helps to get remote assistance. Smart glasses provide a hands-free solution for workers that need to have their hands available. They can still receive instructions while performing their tasks. Smart glasses find widespread use but mostly in maintenance and repairing industrial processes.

vsight remote session with smart glasses
Session during remote collaboration by VSight Remote

As we mentioned above, VSight Remote integrated with smart glasses provides a hands-free performance for field technicians. In addition, offers a huge potential for efficiency gains in operating processes, troubleshooting, maintenance, knowledge exchange, and training. This brings together experts with field technicians from all around the world and provides them with solutions to different problems. For businesses spending money and time for site visits, and interrupted production processes caused by downtime machines are main issues. Now by VSight Remote support businesses share knowledge instantly across the borders – and that means enormous benefits for them.

remote assistance on ar smart glasses
VSight Remote partnering with RealWear, Vuzix and EpsonMoverio

VSight Remote integrated with smart glasses merges the real world with virtual information overlaid in a user’s view field.

The most innovative wearable devices that VSight Remote is partnering with, are Realwear, Vuzix, or Epson Moverio. These devices have integrated audio and video capabilities. Also, can automatically provide information about a target in different sights while analyzing and understanding a user’s physical environment. Using VSight Remote together with smart glasses provide experts with the ability to offer support in real-time. Moreover, draw annotations, send digital information, and give instructions through sharing files such as PDFs, images, or 3D objects. Meanwhile, field technicians are able to work uninterrupted with both hands-free while receiving instructions and increasing their productivity. Field technicians connected in real-time with remote experts are able to get their tasks done, fast and effectively.

VSight Remote Assistance increases efficiency

These days using VSight Remote by smart glasses can offer tremendous potential for manufacturers to increase efficiency in many ways. Handsfree use of smart glasses allows for higher speeds of information processing. For instance, smart glasses could include video chats and ‘integrate’ an expert in the field technician’s view-field. Consider, the example where a field technician faces an unusual problem with a machine. An expert can be integrated into the field technician’s view-field and provide him/her with the necessary information to solve the issue. Once solved, all the process has been recorded and can get used for future circumstances such as training or as a solution for the same issue that might be faced again.

VSight Remote shows how smart glasses possess relevance in terms of increasing process efficiency by improved knowledge sharing through remote collaboration. The effective tools that VSight Remote provides are a great example of promoting the application of smart glasses in improving collaborations between workers. Furthermore, the combination of smart glasses and VSight Remote helps many businesses to achieve their goals on field service, improve quality, standardize workflows, accelerate decision making, and enhance communication in manufacturing, and maintenance operations.

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