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AR Smart Glasses for Driving Business Innovation

AR Smart Glasses for Driving Business Innovation

Posted byLinda Malecaj
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In recent years, numerous technological developments have revolutionized the way many businesses operate. Now a new technology called Augmented Reality (AR) is showing potential for facilitating many operating processes. Prominent examples within AR technology come in the form of wearable devices such as smart glasses ( Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass, RealWear, Vuzix). Also, these offer many benefits to managers by increasing the value of their businesses.

The uniqueness of smart glasses is that they combine virtual and physical information together in a user’s view field. Smart glasses integrates into the various operational processes of businesses and find wide usage by employees. This enable them with the ability to perform their tasks more effectively. Moreover, smart glasses are a very effective tool for cooperation between employees. For example, through the VSight Remote integrated into smart glasses, field workers perform their tasks hands-free. In addition, they perform their tasks and at the same time they receive instructions from center experts. In this way, the benefits of AR remote collaboration are highlighted by providing a direct connection between the staff.

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Many businesses often face unexpected situations they need to have a well-engaged and well-trained staff.

The use of smart glasses in these issues makes it possible to increase the efficiency of employees. Since the information is always accessible in real-time this makes it possible to find faster solutions to various issues. There are many other benefits that AR smart glasses are helping companies. These benefits are such as saving time and travel costs for their highly trained experts. At the same time, the error rate of employees during their work significantly reduces. This comes considering that experts have the opportunity to move virtually around the entire environment of field workers. Additionally, they are able to give precise and very accurate instructions.

So in the same way, we have a field worker who wears AR smart glasses. He can transmit, in real-time, what he sees and hears to a center expert looking at a computer screen. Workforce efficiency naturally improves when smart glasses find usage in combination with AR remote support platforms. As mentioned in the example above the VSight Remote. This combination brings faster workflow but also digitization of how to find solutions to various issues. This is also able through many features that AR technology enables to enhance instructions and give more understandable information.

Considering the many benefits mentioned above it is easily provable that nowadays AR smart glasses have already made great progress by becoming part of many businesses operating in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, field services, inspection, and operations.

There is a significant increase in their involvement within large industrial companies that are using this to remain competitive in the market. Another specific feature that distinguishes AR smart glasses is their ease of use. Also, AR smart glasses are not requiring an additional education of the user. Moreover, the ease of portability is a detail that motivates company managers to start utilizing them. The power of smart glasses lies in the potential they have in helping to find the most efficient solutions. Moreover, to improve the structure of the working environment in a business. Companies that equip their field workers with smart glasses are already demonstrating increased workplace efficiency and productivity. Also, reduce unnecessary costs for site visits.

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To summarize what we mentioned above we can say that the introduction of AR smart glasses in the flow of businesses is a very added value that follows in many benefits afterward.

The effectiveness of their use makes possible the contextualization of information, increased standardization of workflow, hands-free assistance, and documentation. Already the problem of an aging workforce finds a solution thanks to smart glasses. This issue is quite important and is worrying the industries that are facing the rapid disappearance of qualified experts. Now through AR smart glasses capabilities, workers can interact with experts and seek help on complex issues. This not only leads to finding solutions but also makes it possible to educate the inexperienced workforce.

So in addition to improved productivity, speeding up problem-solving, and reducing the number of quality errors, we already have here training purposes as well. During the performance of complex tasks, workers through instructions at the same time train for situations that may occur again. This training is very beneficial and educational since the situations are real.

Moreover, the inspection process has been significantly improved thanks to photos or videos taken during the performance of tasks, the archiving of these materials makes it possible to review various processes in case there is a recurrence of a problem. This documentation process also serves as a key point to evaluate the work of employees by managers who can study in detail the performance of work by employees. Starting from the standardization of the workflow to the ability to work without distractions with hands-free it is possible for smart glasses to be considered to become part of your company as many businesses have already done, thus ensuring added value for the way they operate. The companies that choose to invest in AR smart glasses make it possible to have a long-term position in the market by leading the field in which they operate.

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