Case Studies

VSight Remote for Mining Sector

Improving Productivity and Connecting Mining Sector Workforce through VSight Remote

vsight remote for mining sector

Mining companies worldwide are always striving to increase bottom line profits by reducing operational and capital costs. Moreover, mining is an industry that relies on heavy and expensive equipment. State-of-the-art technologies like Augmented Reality, or AR, are fast becoming fundamental. Effective, intentional technologies provide opportunities to improve safety and increase productivity. In addition, increase the reach of expert operators who may not be able to get to the job on-site.

Covid-19 taught us that we have to work differently. Thus, travel bans and local restrictions exacerbated mining challenges. VSight Remote transforms these challenges by bringing experts from all around the world to the problem. VSight Remote training means a specialist from Australia can demonstrate machinery to operators in Compania Minera Pacifica (CMP) near Vallenar. Remote problem-solving puts the supervisor working from home in Antofagasta on the field virtually with the team at Minera Caserones in the Andes.

VSight is transforming how processes are being done in Mining.

CMP Mine began implementing VSight Remote three months ago and has reported reductions in costs related to critical equipment inspection, daily procedures, and incident tracking. In addition, they have also used VSight Remote to develop new procedures to reduce the presence of contractors on the site. Also, this contributes to cost savings and makes for safer operations.

Project inspections, private tenders, trainings, and other meetings in the past required access to the operational site. Now, all these are handled through VSight in real-time.

In addition, this increases delivery times, expedites the resolution of operational hazards. Also, facilitates the transfer of knowledge from experienced mining professionals who cannot (or should not) travel to operators on the ground. Thus, even incident investigation is speeded up as VSight connects all involved in the episode in real-time wherever they are.

VSight users in the field describe feeling more confident about their activities as they know that the technology embedded in their helmets enables them to access mentors/experts in real-time. Also, timely remote instruction in the mining environment has proved transformative.

Our partner Alert2Gain, A2G, is able to link isolated mining operations and experts around the world. Also, this leads to a vital sharing of expertise and transfer of knowledge to younger generations. Moreover, A2G professionals understand the usage of this technology in mining and capital-intensive industries. So, this leads to an immediate response for remote support to comply with best practices. Including here maintenance, operations safety, inspections, and auditing at remote sites. In addition to remote support from international experts that cannot travel.