VSight Remote for ISUZU

Solving Complex Mechanical Problems in
ISUZU Efficiently through VSight Remote

Augmented Reality is such a technology that many players in the automotive industry are venturing into, considering the wide range of benefits it has to offer. The automotive industry nowadays is slowly transforming by adopting this popular technology. Augmented Reality remote assistance enables technicians to visually guide and collaborate with contact center experts.

VSight takes the concept of remote assistance further. It uses effective AR tools, streaming live videos and audios to link the contact center to the field where the work is in the process. In addition, file sharing features such as 3D objects, PDF, or image sharing allows effective communication among users. Consequently, this enables ISUZU workers to remotely solve technical issues connecting the physical and virtual worlds.

ISUZU technicians often face unusual problems that require immediate solutions. In addition, technicians need to pause and try to find the best solution for the current problem. Thus, in many cases machine downtime and their efforts to find solutions cause waste of time and damages in cost.


ISUZU technicians need to be able to assess and fix complex issues that they might face. With the high costs of breakdown recovery these issues lie outside the standard repairs that technicians usually do. Clarifying the issue immediately and visually guiding the technicians to ensure the proper execution of instructions is required.


VSight Remote can play a vital role in providing faster and more effective assistance, meeting the immediate needs of technicians who find themselves stuck in an issue. VSight Remote solution enables technicians to use their device cameras to transmit images or video of their dashboards or engines to contact center experts, allowing the fastest possible remote diagnosis.


The contact center agent helps the stranded technicians or drivers by annotating the image, clarifying the issue immediately and visually guiding them to ensure the proper execution of instructions. Finding the most effective solution to the problem helps ISUZU to have great benefits such as improving accuaracy and quality of work, minimizing production outages and increasing in productivity, profit and compliances.

At this point VSight Remote assistance is what ISUZU technicians need to get out of this problem where they are stuck. The current technology that VSight Remote uses makes the technicians connect in a real time with the center experts. This connection makes the center experts diagnose the nature of the problem and find the most efficient and quick solution.

Hands-free performing, cut off travelling
cost and save time

Technicians can perform repair tasks hands-free while connected with contact center experts and performing instructions. Training videos can be created in real-time while performing procedures.

ISUZU while using VSight Remote instantly deliver essential knowledge beyond borders, connecting its experts with technicians all around the world.

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