VSight Remote for MAN

Enhancing Automotive Repair & Maintenance
Processes through VSight Remote

The automotive industry has been a driving force of progress, and this is evident in the adoption of new technologies such as augmented reality (AR). VSight incorporates Augmented Reality technology in its remote assistance solution and takes remote collaboration to the next level.

By using VSight Remote, MAN workers can solve technical issues remotely by connecting to experts in real-time using mobile devices and smart glasses. This technology provides workers with real-time guidance, annotations, and 3D models that are overlaid in their field-of-view, making it easy for them to understand and solve the problem at hand, in their exact location.

Technicians can perform repair tasks while connected with contact center experts and performing instructions. Video recording can be created and used to capture repair procedures for training purposes, turning a one-time repair into a long-lasting, transferable learning opportunity.


MAN technicians often face complex issues that require quick assessment and resolution to minimize downtime and losses for the company and its customers. However, allocating experts in all locations is not feasible, and sending experts to the location is both costly and time-consuming.


VSight Remote paired with RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses allows technicians to work hands-free while providing experts with a clear view of the issue at hand. This allows for efficient problem-solving without requiring technicians to put themselves in potentially dangerous positions.


With the ability to connect technicians with remote experts in real-time, VSight Remote allows for immediate diagnosis and solution of complex issues, minimizing downtime and costs for both the company and its customers. This improves productivity and the overall quality of service, as well as increasing efficiency and accuracy in the repair and maintenance process.

Technicians at MAN frequently encounter challenging problems that need to be addressed promptly to reduce both downtime and costs for the company and its clients. Prior to using VSight, MAN had to rely on deploying trained experts to different locations to assist technicians, which was costly and not a scalable solution.

With VSight Remote Assistance, technicians can now connect in real-time with remote experts, allowing them to diagnose the problem, find the most efficient and quick solution and scale their expertise while reducing travel costs. VSight Remote solution not only improves the speed and efficiency of repairs, but also allows for a higher level of expertise to be brought to each situation. Overall, the implementation of VSight Remote is a game-changer for the automotive industry, and is set to greatly enhance the productivity and effectiveness of MAN’s repair and maintenance processes.

By enabling experts to "service" more locations remotely, VSight Remote drastically cuts down on travel costs, saves valuable time and increases expert utilization rate.

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