The Covid-19 challenge: AR in Business Continuity

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ar business continuity

The COVID-19 outbreak is creating lots of challenges for the continuity of all businesses around the world. The pandemic situation is incurring businesses direct costs that are mostly related to the losses of output. This is caused by reductions in productivity or in the available workforce. Already this new reality is made of complexity, uncertainty, and opportunities. What businesses need to do is adapt to this new reality. Also, become flexible and agile in embracing new and innovative technologies. One of these technologies is Augmented Reality (AR), which day by day is demonstrating its potential for business continuity. AR bring connectivity to another level while the whole world is confined within the borders of remote working.

Numerous restrictions are resulting in a large adoption of AR in business operational processes.

The pandemic has increased use cases, including Remote Assistance and Training. This comes because employees are less willing to be in close contact with each other. Remote Assistance is a key to successfully overcoming the challenge of free movement of employees and not only. Travel restrictions prevent the most specialized technicians from being present in the field, while various issues may arise. AR Remote Assistance plays an effective role in mitigating this barrier by bringing virtually real-time experts to the field. At the same time, providing them with the ability to collaborate with field workers.

The lack of collaboration is an important factor that makes it difficult to solve various problems. Various problems cause the production processes interruptions. Businesses are looking to find the most flexible solutions to help ensure the continuity of production. And this is exactly what Remote Assistance provides. It addresses problems and offers the opportunity to start a collaboration via live video or audio powered by Augmented Reality.

AR-enhanced Remote Assistance goes beyond the borders of normal collaboration. It enriches this collaboration with effective AR annotations and file sharing features such as a 3D object, PDF, or image. This enables users to have a much more understandable and effective collaboration. All this helps to alleviate the reduction of travel costs, time spent. In addition, mitigate impacts of travel reduction while keeping social distance.

ar technology for business continuity

Businesses are embracing AR Remote assistance for another purpose as well, which is to improve employee training.

This type of training gives employees the opportunity to gain experience in a simpler way through real-world situations. Training through AR technology is emerging quite useful nowadays, thus becoming the best possible option for distance learning. AR is the best solution for distance training for workers who are unable to travel. Also, helps with cost reduction for businesses that in the past paied high-priced programs for having a better-skilled workforce. In addition, especially these days, distance training eliminates the need for mass gatherings of workers to attend certain training. Now through remote assistance, they can do this in a very simple way in real-time wherever they are.

Management and inspection are two other very important keys for businesses.

Their importance lies in the continuity in a normal course of various processes and identifies in advance the existing or potential risks that may arise. Now remote management and inspection give remote users access to perform their tasks based on data and real-time information about the productivity of field workers and the work done by them. Through remote inspection, it is possible to predict various risks that prevent injuries to workers and interruption of the process that may occur due to machine downtime.

We must admit that businesses not only during this pandemic situation but have always had the need to increase revenue and optimize their operations. AR aims to minimize errors, downtime, training time, and all other forms of cost and loss. What AR technology is doing is transforming the Remote Assistance traditional concept by improving efficiency and data transfer between employees located in different locations.

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