What Makes VSight Stan...
What Makes VSight Stand Out: Key Differentiators Among Industrial AR Solutions

What Makes VSight Stand Out: Key Differentiators Among Industrial AR Solutions

Posted byCan Danışman

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is revolutionizing not only the consumer world but also B2B and B2B2C businesses. It provides valuable solutions across industrial organizations, ranging from enhancing remote collaboration to delivering immersive training experiences. The market sees a constant influx of industrial AR solutions on a daily basis, making it challenging for organizations to select the most suitable one, especially without prior experience on any platform. In our previous blog post, we delved into the process of choosing an industrial AR solution and highlighted the key factors to consider. In this blog post, we will focus on why VSight stands out among the available industrial AR solutions and explore the distinctive features that set it apart from other alternatives, making it the preferred choice for numerous industries.

Simple and Intuitive Interface

VSight’s interface is clean and user-friendly. It requires no additional IT rollouts or extensive training, allowing employees to start using the platform immediately. This saves time and resources, eliminating potential resistance to adopting new technologies and upgrading collaboration methods.


VSight recognizes the diverse scenarios, needs and use cases of users when it comes to accessing and utilizing the platform. Therefore, it offers flexible and device-agnostic solutions, empowering users with alternatives. The applications for both VSight Remote and VSight Workflow are readily available in app stores, enabling seamless usage on smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses. This accessibility ensures that users can harness the collaborative potential of AR across a wide range of devices, facilitating remote collaboration regardless of available hardware. 

Additionally, VSight takes it a step further by enabling users to join AR sessions or start a workflow directly from a web browser. With a simple click on a guest link, participants can access the session without the need for any prior specific device or app installation. This browser-based accessibility expands the reach of VSight platform, allowing external or occasional users to effortlessly join sessions at their convenience.

Quick Access Methods

VSight provides multiple access methods to simplify the user experience. Users can join AR collaboration sessions or start workflows effortlessly through QR codes, Outlook integration, field ID codes, or guest links for meeting invites. Additionally, VSight Remote provides a user-friendly interface for creating different types of rooms to accommodate various operational scenarios. Whether you need a permanent room for ongoing collaboration, a one-time meeting space, or an impromptu call setup, VSight Remote makes it effortless to create and customize rooms accordingly. If needed, VSight Remote can also be used in China thanks to a separate server landscape. On the other hand, VSight Workflow even allows offline usage, enabling field workers to complete tasks and submit them later when internet access is available. 

Advanced Collaboration Capabilities: AR Plus

VSight takes AR collaboration to the next level with its AR Plus feature. It offers a wide range of annotations, such as sticky annotations and live pointers on video streams, viewing 3D models in the physical environment with the ability to move, scale and rotate, sharing and annotating on PDF manuals, measuring tools, and object recognition with AI. These powerful tools enhance communication and understanding, enabling effective collaboration during operations like maintenance, after sales service, remote inspections, training or commissioning.


VSight platforms are designed to easily integrate with existing IT systems. Besides storage integrations, VSight also supports active directory integration. One useful integration is the Outlook Integration feature, enabling users to send meeting invitations directly from Microsoft Outlook instead of using the VSight platform. Moreover, for companies using ticketing systems, VSight provides the flexibility to integrate its platform. This integration streamlines collaboration by capturing relevant information and interactions within the established ticketing system, promoting efficient communication and issue resolution.

Comprehensive Archiving and Storage

In today’s data-driven world, archiving and storing information is crucial. VSight addresses this need by providing comprehensive archiving and storage capabilities. The platform retains all chats, shared files, session recordings, and other relevant data, ensuring vital information is readily accessible. This feature enhances knowledge sharing, facilitates regulatory compliance, and supports historical analysis. Users can choose to store their data on VSight’s servers or their physical servers based on preference.

White Labeling

VSight also sets itself apart by offering whitelabeling capabilities, allowing organizations to customize the platform’s design to reflect their own branding. With whitelabeling, companies can incorporate their colors, logos, and visual identity into the VSight platform, creating an immersive experience for their users. This customization extends to the user interface, ensuring that employees and clients feel a sense of familiarity and connection while using the platform. Furthermore, VSight enables their users to take their customization a step further by offering the option to download a unique app from app stores. The ability to have a custom app reinforces the organization’s brand presence and enhances user engagement, resulting in a more cohesive and professional collaboration experience.

Flexible License Model

VSight offers a flexible and cost-effective license model that sets it apart from other AR solutions. With VSight, organizations only pay for their in-house experts, while an unlimited number of participants can be created free of charge. This model eliminates the financial burden associated with scaling collaboration efforts, allowing businesses to invite as many participants as needed without incurring additional costs. To further enhance cost-effectiveness and scalability, VSight provides floating licenses. With floating licenses, organizations have the flexibility to pay for the number of sessions they want to run in parallel, rather than paying for the number of experts. The combination of a free participant model and floating licenses makes VSight an ideal choice for organizations of all sizes, allowing them to focus on achieving their objectives without worrying about the financial implications of expanding their collaboration capabilities.

Integrated Communication Capabilities

On VSight platform, users can effectively convey their thoughts and ideas, transcending language barriers and geographical limitations. Alongside audio/visual communication with AR features, VSight Remote offers integrated chat functionality. Users can engage in text-based conversations with message translation to their preferred language. Reaction buttons provide quick guidance, especially in noisy environments, facilitating seamless communication. This feature strengthens collaboration and knowledge sharing while avoiding misunderstandings. VSight Workflow with its automatic translation of workflow instructions, allows users to conveniently view content in their preferred language.

Effective Reporting

Tracking progress and documenting insights are essential for industrial operations. Both VSight Remote and VSight Workflow offer comprehensive tools for capturing and documenting key information, facilitating effective reporting. The platform provides a clear overview of collaboration sessions or completed tasks, empowering teams to communicate outcomes, analyze data, and make informed decisions. Creating insightful reports within the platform saves time and effort, streamlining the reporting process, and enabling effective collaboration to review progress, identify bottlenecks, and track milestones. This functionality promotes transparency and accountability, ensuring projects stay on track and meet deadlines.

High-Level Security Measures and GDPR Compliance

VSight understands the importance of data security and privacy. The platform incorporates robust security measures, including encryption protocols and custom user access controls, prioritizing data protection. Moreover, VSight adheres to the strict guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring compliance and ethical handling of user data. This alleviates concerns about potential data breaches and allows users to focus on enhancing effectiveness through VSight’s collaboration offerings.

Top-Notch Customer Support

VSight is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction through exceptional support. Our highly responsive and solution-oriented Customer Success team is always available to address queries, troubleshoot issues, and provide guidance to users. Whether it’s through live chat support, helpful documentation, or personalized assistance, VSight goes the extra mile to ensure that customers receive the necessary support to maximize their AR collaboration experience at every step of their journey.


VSight differentiates itself from other industrial AR solutions through its exceptional features, unwavering commitment to user experience, robust security measures, and unparalleled support, making it the top choice for businesses seeking a dependable and user-friendly AR solution. By leveraging the potential of augmented reality technology, VSight enables teams to collaborate seamlessly, optimize workflows, and discover endless opportunities within their industries.

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