Towards AR Remote Supp...
Towards AR Remote Support with VSight

Towards AR Remote Support with VSight

Posted byLinda Malecaj
ar remote support with vsight

Nowadays the Covid-19 pandemic has brought as well a quite challenging era for businesses operating in various fields. A big challenge is to ensure the continuity of businesses. What businesses need to do is to adapt to this new reality and to embrace remote work. Augmented Reality (AR) technology brings remote support to another level. This technology is demonstrating its potential to improve connectivity.

Many businesses have difficulty finding the right platform that enables remote support. VSight has already developed the concept of AR Remote Support further. Also has enriched this complete collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform. VSight Remote provides effective AR tools and file-sharing features such as a 3D object, PDF, or image. Without a doubt, VSight Remote inevitably integrates as remote support that provides efficient solutions for different industries. In addition, VSight Remote used in conjunction with smart glasses helps field workers to work completely hands-free. At the same time allow remote experts to see exactly what they need in order to solve the problems. This becomes possible without forcing field workers to move into potentially unsafe positions.

As we mentioned above VSight Remote offers to your offsite and on-site employees collaborative operations. This AR-based remote support offers high potential for different enterprises. In addition, it can find easily used on standard hardware systems like smartphones. VSight Remote differentiates from other conferencing tools because does not only offers a sample video call. It brings expertise from around the world to the same desk as field workers. Also, enables them to collaborate toward the same goals.

Training through AR tools

In addition, VSight Remote provides a ticketing system structure to raise an issue and automatically connect with the headquarters expert. Standard video calls further don’t allow technicians and experts to easily collaborate through AR annotations. Another feature that distinguishes VSight Remote from other conferencing tools is that experts while opening collaboration for giving instructions to field workers at the same time they can track their task performance as well. TIn this way field workers can troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment and fix errors fast.

Now VSight’ new feature of the training room is already released. Different from traditional conferencing tools that provide only screen sharing, VSight Remote offers unique capabilities. This makes it possible to engage the workforce with digital information around them. During this type of training up to 3000 people can participate in the same session. Sessions are led by an expert who is defined as the host of the admin panel. Effective collaboration is also enabled by the so-called raise hand feature. This feature enables the trained workforce to respond to ambiguities that encounter during the training. The combination of live video and AR technology allows training with VSight Remote to enhance opportunities for proper learning and provides an improved training experience.

ar collaboration session with vsight remote
Remote collaboration session through VSight Remote

White Labeling with VSight

Other conferencing tools provide only email integration. Now through white labeling with VSight Remote is possible to create your own branded remote support app. VSight customers have reported an average efficiency improvement of 34 percent. In addition field workers no longer have to interrupt their tasks. They don’t get distracted anymore by checking manuals. Also, they don’t consult with an expert to verify that they are correctly performing their tasks. VSight Remote integrates not only on smartphones but even on smart glasses. This allows field workers to use their hands to solve problems and accomplish tasks faster for great job fulfillment.

To sum up, VSight Remote gives contact center experts the ability to engage with field workers. Solutions by using VSight help to resolves the most difficult issues on the spot. If solved issues, improved accuracy, minimization of production outages, and quality of work are what you aim for your business, VSight Remote has the perfect solution for helping in achieving them.

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