ar in logistics industry

AR Solutions for the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry has expanded and improved drastically in the past decade. With globalization, the growth of e-commerce, and the advancements in technology, the end-users became more demanding but less patient.

ar smart glasses

AR Smart Glasses for Driving Business Innovation

In recent years, numerous technological developments have revolutionized the way many businesses operate. Now a new technology called Augmented Reality (AR) is showing promising potential for facilitating many operating processes for businesses in various fields.

ar remote support industries

Which Industries are using AR Remote Support?

AR Remote Support is often considered as a concept that is not easily accepted, but the benefits it is showing are changing the mentality of the managers of different companies.

ar remote support in telecom

Using AR Remote Support in Telecom Industry

The telecom industry is a significant industry that enables communication on a global scale. This industry keeps the communication network of the whole world alive as the most critical industry in which sustainability is indispensable even for a short time.

augmented reality mro operations

MRO Operations Adopting Augmented Reality

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) are among the most critical areas of various industries. These comprise the set of operations and activities associated with the physical maintenance and repair of a system or machinery that is an important key for the whole manufacturing process.

ar in smart factories

AR for Smart Factories

Nowadays, the fourth industrial revolution is ignoring the boundaries between physics and digital, thus enabling a series of changes in all manufacturing industries by the opportunities it offers to manufacturers to increase their product lines.

skill gap ar remote assistance

Bridging the Skills Gap with AR Remote Assistance

The skills gap is one of the major issues that many field service companies are facing nowadays. The skill gap in field service is defined as a lack of fundamental knowledge of employees and has huge importance for work efficiency and operational processes.

ar first time fix rate

Increase First-Time Fix Rate with AR

Every business aims to have a high first-time fix rate, that consists in avoiding multiple site visits and the additional costs that go along with that— the lack of knowledge in the field and interruptions of operational processes.

ar technology in retail

Using AR in Retail

Retail is a highly competitive sector where every business tries to get new customers and hold the existing ones as much as possible. Thanks to the rising technology and increase of communication channels, retailers can find newer.