augmented reality used in businesses

How is Augmented Reality Used in Businesses?

Nowadays, along with the emergence of innovative ideas, the scepticism that people have about these ideas is also growing. Nowadays Augmented Reality can be seen as an innovative idea that is showing many benefits to businesses operating in different fields around the world.

ar smart glasses rmeote support

AR Smart Glasses for Effective Remote Support

Augmented Reality (AR) Smart glasses in recent years are being considered as an innovation in the rapidly evolving technological world. Smart glasses are a new wearable AR device that captures and processes a user’s physical environment and augments it with virtual elements.

ar wind energy industry

AR Transforming Wind Energy Industry

Nowadays the Wind Energy Industry is boosting industrial competitiveness by attracting many investments. Day by day this sector is constantly growing since wind energy is zero-carbon, produced sustainably and consumes negligible amounts of water.

augmented reality real estate

Augmented Reality in Real Estate Market

Augmented Reality (AR) usage is increasing in every industry. When thinking of industries that AR can be used, real estate is not the first one that comes to mind.

ar vr mr

The difference between AR, VR, and MR

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are terms that are getting more and more popular each day. They are technologies that integrate virtual and real-world components.

augmented reality in construction

Applications of Augmented Reality in Construction

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technological innovation that includes virtual elements in a real environment and now this technology is making possible the revolutionization of many industries, including construction.

ar remote support with vsight

Towards AR Remote Support with VSight

Nowadays the Covid-19 pandemic, in addition to a health and humanitarian crisis, has brought as well a quite challenging era for businesses operating in various fields.

augmented reality for industry

Top Industries Adopting Augmented Reality in 2022

In recent years Augmented Reality has made a huge impact on our daily lives. Now the traditional idea that this technology is only used for games or other entertainment applications has changed.

ar in manufacturing

AR Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industry

If in previous years Augmented Reality (AR) was considered only in the form of a tool to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and attractive, now this thing has completely changed.

ar in real estate

AR Changing the Real Estate Landscape

In recent years we have heard a lot about Augmented Reality (AR) as an example of a very innovative technology that is being adopted by many businesses operating in different fields.

augmented reality enterprises

Augmented Reality for Enterprises During Pandemic

In recent years, the way businesses operate and how consumers buy and consume has faced many changes. The current reality has made thousands of offices unnecessary by replacing them with work from home at the same time the development of the so-called work remotely has undergone drastic development.