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Augmented Reality for Marketing Strategy

Augmented Reality for Marketing Strategy

Posted byLinda Malecaj
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The field of marketing in recent years has undergone radical changes, giving great importance to the needs of target customers. This includes not only the detailed analysis of the buyer persona. Also, the creation of a link between the brand and these possible customers. Every business is already aiming to provide a unique shopping experience for its customers through various marketing strategies. At the same time, the marketing world is trying to move in parallel with innovative technological developments. One of the examples we can mention here is the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) technology within the marketing strategies. This help to improve sales and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

AR technology is capable of providing numerous marketing benefits. Including here increasing sales through the visual connection it creates between the customer and the product. In this article, we will see how today’s businesses are aiming towards the mass adoption of this technology.

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Attracting New Customers

AR technology offers a variety of solutions to facilitate many marketing processes. The goal of any marketing team is to develop methods to manage to generate new customers. One strategy being used by marketing teams is to implement this technology on their business websites. In order to make them more attractive in order to bring back visitors to their sites until they make purchases. Also, thanks to this technology customers are able to explore the products they want to buy. This experience increases customer satisfaction and leads to an increase in the tendency to buy a certain product.

Also, this technology is being applied in the creation of AR-based manuals. In general, buyers do not like to read a lot of incomprehensible text. So, the AR enriched manuals are a great addition that makes the whole user experience more enjoyable. These manuals enable clients to easily understand the information they need about using a product faster and more effectively.

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AR Improving Brand Marketing Content

Marketing teams aim to create various documents that can facilitate communication with customers. We mentioned above about AR-based manuals, but all the work of marketing teams does not stop there. Materials such as business cards, brochures, whitepapers, and many more are essential for current and potential customers. AR enables the enrichment of these papers with virtual elements, enabling the transfer of various information to customers in a simplified way. All this provides customers with the ability to understand all the necessary information and meet their requirements thanks to the connection in real-time with the desired business.

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Enhance Service and Product Support

The goal of every business is to be able to provide service and product support to its customers in a continuous and uninterrupted way. Marketing teams are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve this process. Thanks to AR technology, empower of remote assistance is now possible. Through this remote assistance, real-time communication between customers and business experts is possible. This improved collaboration also thanks to AR tools makes it possible to answer customer questions and provide appropriate instructions for a particular service or product.

Through an AR-based application, it is worth mentioning VSight Remote here, connection and cooperation are provided in real-time. At the same time, marketing teams are proposing AR-based remote assistance as a solution for training the current workforce. Also the onboarding process of new employees. AR within business provides AR-based training programs thus reducing the high costs of expensive training. Moreover, providing a workforce with the right knowledge in a very fast time. This interactive collaboration using AR technology enables businesses to ensure current customer loyalty.

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AR Improving and Boosting the B2B sales in the market

The B2B sales process has always had big importance to businesses. At the same time, B2B sales usually have higher order values, longer sales cycles and are often more complex than B2C sales. AR technology has the potential to create visible improvements throughout the entire sales process chain. Marketing teams are now offering more dynamic material to sales teams enriched with AR elements replacing the old traditional sales model. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to present 360 degrees of different products, offering a unique experience for potential buyers. At the same time, potential buyers have the opportunity to interact and explore the product in detail and this pushes them towards the decision to make the purchase.

As mentioned above this technology from sales to marketing and continuous service support, makes it possible to reduce unnecessary costs, increase sales and have a significant impact on improving ROI. AR is being used by marketing teams to add a whole new way of service to their businesses, giving current and prospective customers a new way to interact with the products or services they are thinking of purchasing. This technology shows tremendous potential for radical change in the field of sales and marketing, improving the customer experience, leading to increased business activities and sales opportunities. Considering today’s reality where it is quite difficult to stay competitive in the market, the implementation of this technology in the entire operating processes of businesses is greatly encouraged.

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