Augmented Reality for Enterprises During Pandemic

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In recent years, the way businesses operate has faced many changes. The current reality has made offices unnecessary by replacing them with work from home. Moreover, the development of the so-called work remotely has undergone drastic development. There are many tools and technologies that make it easier to adopt in this new reality. The current market environment forces businesses to find and use innovative solutions to cope with difficult conditions. During this pandemic Augmented Reality is the key to enterprises’ continuity. Many businesses are focusing on Augmented Reality as a way to increase productivity and create interaction between the workforce.

Already accepting AR technology many businesses have at their disposal many tools and platforms to continue remote service operations. We can mention here VSight Remote, which despite the impact the pandemic has had, continues to provide sustainable solutions. It turns remote assistance into an essential tool for avoiding operational outages on the ground.

The following points highlight how enterprises can use Augmented Reality to continue operations, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but also further.

An unexpected problem requires an immediate solution.

Many businesses not only produce and sell but at the same time have to maintain specialized equipment. As the distribution of the workforce varies in locations around the world, there is a need to reduce site visits. Moreover, including pre-installation visits. Businesses through AR Remote Assistance enable the headquarter workforce to interact with site workers. Additionally, experts improve efficiency by being able to solve problems encountered quickly. This happens without the need to make a trip towards the location of the problem. In this way, businesses do not waste time continue to work normally. Also, it’s possible to find the right solutions thanks to Remote Assistance.

Distribution of knowledge at a distance but with the same efficiency.

Another goal that businesses aim to keep in check at all times is the quality of service they provide. Between the expert and the customers, it is important to provide distance support at the right time. Now through Remote Assistance site workers gain extraordinary benefits by receiving the guidance of headquarters experts. From this, it’s possible to disseminate knowledge in real-time.

Businesses using Remote Assistance make it possible for their experienced experts to be anywhere, right away. This means a greater engagement on the part of site workers. In addition, integrating remote assistance into their wearable devices, such as smart glasses facilitate the freedom of action during the performance of various tasks. Remote Assistance solution is seen as a valuable way not only for knowledge transfer but also for faster and more efficient employee training.

ar for enterprises during covid

Fast cooperation worldwide for enterprises through Augmented Reality.

The Remote Assistance solution offers ease of use by connecting the workforce worldwide. As mentioned above, site employees can now take advantage of the opportunity to successfully perform their tasks hands-free. Experts can now interact in real-time with site workers and at the same time interact with the same documents or images, using AR annotations and even adding 3D models to the live video streaming environment. With the help of remote collaboration, the time to perform all these operations is faster and does not require numerous manuals that are often quite distracting.

Create long-term and efficient solutions for the future of enterprises through Augmented Reality.

Successfully adopting AR-based Remote Assistance is a step towards ensuring business continuity not only during this global pandemic. The wide potential of this Remote Assistance is quite favorable to be used further by businesses for a longer period. All of this may be feasible given the fact that this technology makes it possible for businesses to reap the benefits that are quite valuable. Some of these benefits, as touched on above, are to facilitate remote maintenance inspections, improve remote collaboration, reduce the number of technicians deployed on the site, and facilitate the way the workforce performs its tasks.

Businesses that have adopted Remote Assistance and Augmented Reality prove how they can benefit from them by facilitating the operating processes between the trio of actors expert-technician and customer. This AR Remote Assistance has long-term benefits that enable significant business growth and the need to ensure business continuity is seen as a much-needed reason to start utilizing it.

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