AR Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industry

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ar in manufacturing

If in previous years Augmented Reality (AR) was considered only as a tool to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Nowadays this thing has completely changed. Now the potential of this technology to improve various processes has affected all industries. AR technology is already creating waves of powerful changes manufacturing industry. This technology aims to provide efficient and fast solutions to various problems that may appear during production processes.

Augmented Reality enables the empowerment of AR Remote Assistance. The diversity of applications of this technology is affecting the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry itself has the process of transforming the raw material into a current product. We easily understand that even the smallest issues can cause interruptions of the whole process. The production including physical, chemical, or mechanical processes is the key point for the success of a business.

Let’s take a closer look at how AR is generating multiple solutions to guarantee a successful manufacturing industry.


In production, one of the most important issues is the enrichment of the workforce experience. Workers without the necessary experience due to a lack of knowledge seek solutions through guides. This leads to the delay in time to resolve an issue that may be urgent. For these new workers, it is necessary to train them. Also, make them familiar with the necessary protocols, equipment, and procedures. Now all this is possible through AR Remote Assistance. This remote assistance helps them to communicate directly with the experts of the contact center. This communication enables them to train quickly and effectively to ensure proper knowledge and maximum commitment to their tasks.

VSight, a technology-based company, now offers its own AR-based application that enables collaboration between field workers and center experts. Through VSight Remote, experts provide step-by-step instructions for tasks and find quick solutions to various problems encountered. At the same time, all this significantly increases safety at work. The integration of this application in smart glasses makes it possible for workers to continue their work hands-free. This means increased engagement in tasks and reduction of causes leading to different distractions.


Another issue of concern for the manufacturing industry is the maintenance of equipment that participates in the production process. These types of equipment require constant inspection in order to prevent possible downtime. In most cases, sending experts for inspection and maintenance requires high time and cost. Augmented Reality is reducing the downtime of equipment through the facilitation of continuous inspection. Maintenance experts through remote assistance can see exactly the current condition of the equipment. Also, can ask the technicians to repair them if necessary. Thanks to this technology we already have detailed inspections. Additionally, there are faster repairs, and a reduction of costs for sending experts to production sites.

ar in manufacturing industry


The manufacturing industry as mentioned above is not just about the manufacturing process but also about many other complex processes that require their fulfillment to ensure the smooth running of the whole work. This includes the assembly line which is a production process in which interchangeable parts are added to a product in a sequential manner to create a final product. In most cases, a production assembly line is a semi-automated system through which a product moves. This process itself has its difficulties and challenges.

Now thanks to Augmented Reality technology the assembly instructions are followed more simply. In addition, smart glasses have made the expert on the other side of the globe have a full view of what the field workers have in reality in front of their eyes. All this has resulted in a great saving of time, has improved productivity, and at the same time increased the quality of production. Moreover, the percentage of human error that is faced due to various causes has been significantly reduced.


The ability of AR Remote Assistance to document each collaboration session makes it possible to facilitate many processes. Any task performed by field operators can now be archived. With this, experts have the opportunity to return to an issue to observe the solutions given. Furthermore, managers having access to these documents make it possible to inspect and evaluate field operators in the performance of their tasks. With just one click in real-time, in the repetition of the same situations, even the technicians reach data and information previously documented.

To summarize what we said above we come to the conclusion that the revolution that Augmented Reality technology has brought to the manufacturing industry aims to improve the entire operating process of a business in this field as a whole. Through this technology already the accuracy of field workers has increased significantly by diagnosing and resolving the issues without interfering with manufacturing processes.

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