Which Industries are u...
Which Industries are using AR Remote Support?

Which Industries are using AR Remote Support?

Posted byLinda Malecaj
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AR Remote Support is often considered a concept that is not easily accepted. The benefits it is showing are changing the mentality of the managers of different companies. This technology is widely used in many industries. Moreover, it offers many opportunities for different actors to collaborate in real-time for solving various problems.

Many businesses are looking for low-cost and efficient solutions, and above all in a short time. Many industries have already embraced this remote support, by reducing the ongoing problems on the site, or the delays that are occurred by specialized staff while traveling to the location where the problem has taken place. Remote Support for field staff is now available in real-time time and at a reduced cost. AR tools empower the center’s experts by making it possible to provide appropriate guidance to employees operating on the site. Experts can at the same time see and analyze the whole situation immediately. Moreover, make AR annotations by simplifying their instructions.

If we imagine a real situation in the field, it is easy to understand the difficulties that field operators face. In such situations, the lack of knowledge of employees requires a connection. This connection is between the center where the specialized experts are located. Once the connection between the field operator and the expert is ensured, giving the right guidance is achieved. In this way, we are going toward solving the problem. AR Remote Support provides solutions that are quite effective and fast. Additionally, provide full employee engagement while increasing productivity at the same time.

Augmented Reality Remote Support has a wide range of business applications, including technical support, workforce training, and safety. It is useful across a wide range of industries. Read on for more details on how AR Remote Support is in use in many industries.

ar remote support for industries

Utility Providers

AR technology makes it possible to facilitate many of the processes that utility companies must accomplish. This includes many complicated processes such as maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting. In this industry, various processes also have high risks that, in addition to interrupting operating processes, can also endanger the lives of workers. Already through AR Remote Support, operational costs are drastically reducing and field security is increasing significantly.

Communication Service Providers

Augmented Reality can take the quality of telecom equipment inspections to a new level by providing real-time access to the inspected hardware to remote experts. This inspection also ensures the adjustment of telecommunication equipment, by overlapping objects such as 3D ones in the real world, and the whole process is simplified at the same time. AR Remote Support brings equipment to the inspector virtually regardless of boundaries. We have the inspection equipment remotely and transferring of proper instructions to field operators. In addition to making the inspection process more efficient and shorter in time, the cost of the inspector’s field trip is significantly reducing as well.

AR Remote Support for Consumer Electronics

In addition to the advantage of remote inspections and consultations that the expert is able to provide, another benefit is that AR Remote Support helps agents for better support to clients as well. In this sector, we have the facilitation of processes such as installation, configuration, or repairs through this collaboration in distance between agents and clients. Also using AR technology, the manufacturer’s agents can offer solid support more efficiently throughout the product’s lifecycle. The speed of the right instructions achieved through AR Remote Support makes it possible to increase the level of customer satisfaction with the services provided at the same time.

AR Remote Support for Insurance Industry

The real-time visual connection powered by AR Remote Support gives the insurance agent a complete view of all the damage and the surrounding environment. In this way the inspection and assessment of damages are provided faster and more accurately, improving at the same time customer service. Companies remotely manage to integrate their customers as part of real situations and make them understand the issues from within. In addition, the whole sessions documented, also serve as an important process for providing information for managers who want to evaluate the performance of employees but also even for issue proofing if any customer-agent conflict may occur in the future.

The mentioned above are just some of the many adopters of this remote support. This Augmented Reality based Remote Support combines live video streaming, where images and videos transmit in real-time. In addition, Augmented Reality overlaps images in the view of a user of the physical environment. All this makes it possible to create a powerful collaborative solution for remote guidance. Many are the advantages and solutions that come from embracing this technology. Among them, we can mention efficient communication, visual demonstration, and real-time instructions. Considering all these factors clearly businesses operating in different industries should get the impetus to make this remote support part of their operating processes.

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