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Augmented Reality for ...
Augmented Reality for Industrial Maintenance and Repair

Augmented Reality for Industrial Maintenance and Repair

Posted byLinda Malecaj
augmented reality industrial maintenance

Augmented Reality (AR) can be defined as a system that fulfils three basic features: a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects.

Implementing Augmented Reality to industrial maintenance and repair tasks could make it possible for field technicians’ training. Also, to find the best solutions for different issues, and to perform their tasks hands-free. Real-time collaboration and given assistance directly from the contact center expert enable field technicians to perform their tasks and find the most effective and fastest solutions for the issues that might occur.

Maintenance and Repair systems require a lot of detailed procedures that make field technicians engaged in a lot of tasks. These engagements switch the focus of the field technicians from the repair area to the reference data and manuals. This distraction from the main objective which is tasks performance causes various consequences such as wasting time, slowing down production, and not finding a suitable solution. During maintenance processes, a lot of knowledge is required. Field technicians firstly should get the relevant information then apply it to a particular view of the repair area. These maintenance processes are an important component of a well-functioning production.

Maintenance processes help companies maintain their resources while controlling time and costs. Also is important on ensuring maximum efficiency of the manufacturing process, the utilities, and related facilities. Additionally, a lot of machines have complex systems that require a lot of working hours for inspection and repair. Considering the importance of these processes, they are an important link to the business chain. The implementation of Augmented Reality in industrial maintenance finds a wide and very efficient usage.

The real-time support provided by Augmented Reality for industrial maintenance and repair increases the overall time of the repair. Additionally, injects errors into the repair process and increases the cognitive load on the field technicians.

AR-based remote support provides virtual assistance for field technicians’ performance, without the need to interrupt production processes. Maintenance and repair are important factors in quality assurance and in determining the long-term success of a business. Misinterprets while performing maintenance and repair tasks can cause instability and partially or completely pause the production. Malfunctioning machines and breakdowns can become a costly process for most companies and translate to a lot of losses.

Based on a lot of factors, the implementation of AR in maintenance and repairing tasks has numerous benefits. VSight Remote by offering AR-based remote support makes a huge contribution for the business that decides on adopting it.

ar for industrial maintenance and repair
AR collaboration provided by VSight Remote App

Firstly, Augmented Reality for industrial maintenance and repair provides field technicians with maximum concentration on performing tasks. They are able to work while receiving real-time given instructions from experts.

Secondly, these instructions through real-time collaboration are visually integrated with PDF files, images, and 3D objects that make the received information more understandable.

Thirdly, field technicians are able to use VSight Remote not only on smart devices but even on smart glasses. This provides a hands-free performance of the tasks, which is an important component to save time, work faster and in an efficient way.

Another feature that VSight Remote provides is the recording of all sessions between experts and technicians. Consequently, this kind of documentation has an important impact. Documentation helps in the future for field workers’ training. Also, serves as a solution finder for the same issues that might occur.

There exist a lot of issues that need solutions in maintaining and repairing processes. The common objectives of all businesses are to continue normally the production and seek the best solutions for specific issues. Through these solutions, the goal is to control costs and perform work properly and efficiently. Also, another goal is to ensure the prevention of failures and keep breakdowns to a minimum. VSight Remote through its AR tools represents a viable and useful approach in performing maintenance and repairing processes. Effective and reliable solutions are provided by VSight Remote. These solutions are highly recommended for businesses operating in different fields. In addition, these solutions are especially applicable to the areas of maintenance and repairing.

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