Welcome to our Webinar Hub! If you couldn’t make it to our live webinars and want to check out insightful discussions with our customers about their real-life experiences and tips on visual remote support, augmented reality, and digital workflows for field operations, you’re in the right spot. Enjoy the learning ride!


Remote Acceptance Tests of Special Machinery with AR

Watch this webinar to discover the precise scope of Unival’s digitization efforts and take an eye-opening journey through practical real-world examples. David Vollmar, Managing Director at Unival showcases how they leverage visual...

Digitization of a Traditional Industry: Mechanical Engineering in the Stone and Earth Industry

In this webinar, we examine HAZEMAG’s practices in the transition to digitalization. Björn Wegener, Head of Service at HAZEMAG will share his experience with our audience and will answer the most frequently...

Digitalization in Service and Maintenance Operations with Smart Glasses

In this engaging webinar, we explore the wide-ranging applications of augmented reality and smart glasses in the industrial sector while staying updated on the latest trends. Our special guest, Göktuğ Uyan, Technical...

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