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Industrial Workflows Empower Workforce

Industrial Workflows Empower Workforce

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Industrial processes and productivity

The digitization of key workflows is becoming increasingly important for businesses that want to improve productivity and efficiency. The widespread adoption of mobile and digital technologies is making it possible to convert processes into automated digital workflows. This motion allows businesses to stay agile and competitive while also improving the ways existing processes interact with each other.

In this article, we explain what digital workflow is and how workflow automation can help your team. Also, you will learn how VSight Workflow can help you transform your paper-based processes into digital work instructions.

What is a digital workflow?

First, we need to familiarize ourselves with the definition of the term workflow. In this case it refers to a series of tasks that must be performed to achieve a business objective. Further, automating these workflow tasks gives us what we define as digital workflow.

As mentioned above, the implementation of digital workflows is an essential strategy for the digital transformation of industrial companies. Like a regular workflow, digital workflows can involve several people, teams, and tasks. They can be simple or complex. However, they are repeatable processes that should be executed regularly.

How workflow automation can help your remote team?

A digital workflow allows your team to digitize steps, standardize processes and implement operational work tasks with self-guided multi-media instructions. It displays step-by-step contextual information and instructions. Guidance can be with simple text, image, video or a voice record. 

After your team complete tasks, they can upload the associated photos, videos or text information as inputs to the system. This makes it possible for you to monitor the executed work flow performance. You can review completed tasks as well as those that may require more attention. Also, you can use the collected data for future reporting, analysis and audits. 

What is worth mentioning as an important point here is that digital workflows eliminate any uncertainties about the task. Hence, your technicians are able to focus on the tasks with more confidence while completing tasks.

With digital workflows, your team can complete processes faster with less effort to follow, understand and implement instructions. It also eliminates costly errors. Furthermore, it enables a collaborative work environment by assigning clear responsibilities and promoting accountability.

Get started on workflow automation with VSight Workflow

Replacing inefficient paper based workflows with digital workflows is no easy feat, but the right tools make a big difference. This is where VSight Workflow can help.

VSight Workflow is a workflow automation tool that allows companies to build seamless and auditable operational workflows. It is super easy to create, deploy, execute and monitor an entire work process through safe instructions for the workforce. Instantly capture all data related to a process and create customized reports to share with team members or customers for training purposes, inspections and quality control. So, VSight Workflow eliminates manual obstacles that slow down the work.

Additionally, VSight Workflow is a great option to structure digital and automated workflows for handling onboarding and on the job training of the employees. It eliminates the need for highly expensive traditional 1:1 training. It allows you to build scalable self-training programmes with step by step interactive guidance.

To conclude what we mentioned above, it is worth saying that digital workflows are marking a big turning point for the replacement of paper-based manual workflows that are prone to costly errors. A digital workflow can simplify each and every operational process. The countless benefits offered by digital workflows are the best evidence that can be obtained today as your conviction to adopt them for your business. Regardless of the department or size of your business, you can benefit from VSight Workflow that will help you take control of your work and simplify processes that will require less effort and lead to fewer costly errors.

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