VSight Workflow: Building a Digital Knowledge Network

Posted byCihat Kahraman

It is essential for industrial companies to maintain high efficiency and productivity across their organization to stay ahead of the competition. Committed to helping out with this challenge, two years ago we launched our first product VSight Remote. Since then we’ve been continuously improving it based on our customers’ feedback and helping their workforce to remotely connect, collaborate, transfer and scale knowledge across their organizations.

Today we are tremendously excited to announce our new member VSight Workflow in our product suite to take it further. With VSight Workflow, we aim to empower frontline workers with interactive digital instructions and best practices, hence accelerating knowledge transfer, training, and onboarding to improve operational accuracy and efficiency. 

VSight Workflow transforms paper-based processes into digital interactive work instructions. By enabling documenting, digitizing, and simplifying work instructions, our new solution helps industries boost workforce productivity, improve processes and reduce rework. Visual help instructions become available right in front of field technicians’ eyes, when needed, making it possible for them to complete tasks with higher accuracy in a safer environment and reducing risks of human error due to a distraction or knowledge gap.

Enhancing the real-world environment provides additional information about the assets within their physical context. Hence, it boosts asset performance by increasing field technician wrench time; and expands workforce capacity by providing high visibility of real-time asset information. Last but not least, enabling better reporting increases the permanence of knowledge, and closes the skill gap.

This is a big milestone for us on the mission of being a complete solution for an industrial AR-powered collaboration platform and we are looking forward to your feedback.

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